Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Indianapolis Tea Party Organizer (Laura Behney) bans activist's free speech

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I am writing to spread sunshine on something disturbing that was done to me today by the organizer of the Indianapolis Tea Party. If you are going to the Tea Party in Indianapolis, this concerns you. Many of you may think I should shove this incident away in a closet, but I cannot for sunshine is the best disinfectant.

Today, I was banned by Laura Behney who heads the Defenders of Liberty. She is the organizer the Indianapolis Tea Party to take place tomorrow. Laura, who self-proclaims to be a defender of freedom and liberty, silenced my freedom of speech right in her own back yard yet wants to hold the government accountable to protect your liberties. Sadly, she failed to protect my 1st Amendment freedom. And she has the right to do so, because the group she runs is technically private. That doesn't make it right. And it certainly is not principled in freedom.

Here is background on what took place.

I've been delighted, yet also concerned deep down about why there is so much mainstream media coverage focused on the national tea parties. Mainstream media (MSM) is corporate controlled and that's why I'm concerned. It is corporatism that bankrupted America. (Yes, we ARE bankrupt.)

When I first got wind of the tea party in Indianapolis, I was very excited to help. It was all coming together at the time we were planning the Revolt At The State House event focused on local and state issues in Indiana.

It is my belief from all my experience, that it is too late to save our federal government. We have no control there to enact change there. We won't win against that machine. The rest of the world has power to enact change through pressure on America and the people who control our government.

However, we DO still have power to change our local government and our local election results. We CAN realistically make Indiana government accountable, obey the Constitution, and do what it should.

Yet most people at the tea party tomorrow won't be able to tell you the name of their city councilperson, let alone their state legislator or state senator. Don't believe me? Conduct your own poll. Many won't even be able to tell you where the city county building is located just four blocks away, because they have never been there or know what takes place there.

On the email list of the John Birch Society, today I published an opinion stating my belief that the MSM and Republican Party are herding well meaning Americans to these Tea Parties in order to distract them from the real place where they have true power to change their government. That place is local and state government.

I stated that the elites controlling our federal government are literally laughing at the peasants in the streets who they are bilking for trillions of our future wealth. These elites are also very relieved that so few people are paying attention to their state and local government. That part is most delightful to them. Their worst nightmare is 50 states with clean accountable governments controlled by The People standing up to the Federal Government.

These elites fear our citizens taking lawful control over our local cities and states.

I suggested that the MSM is leading well-meaning sheep (novice activists waking up) straight into the slaughter by distracting them from the only part of government they can control...that part which is in their own back yards.

For this opinion, I was banned.

The tea parties are not grass roots. It is a national movement within the Republican Party to herd people into the party so their players can have control once more. This is the same party that had their butts handed to them in November after letting George Bush and for a while a Republican controlled House run amok for 8 years. Now they all of a sudden found God? I don't think so.

Meanwhile, there are many very good people inside the Republican party trying to change it from the inside. They are the Republican Liberty activists.

True grass roots has a bottom up management style. The tea parties are top down management and the proof is right in front of your eyes. It's seen in the national conference calls to coordinate the events, it is seen in the reluctance of the organizers to use the grass roots activists already plentiful and successful in Indiana, and in their amazing power to generate MSM out of no where and literally overnight.

Grassroots doesn't get that kind of action accomplished overnight.

Desperate to rally the same kind of grass roots support that Obama enjoys, Republicans (many well meaning freedom fighters) upped the freedom movement with their friends at FoxNews and social networking. The Behney's volunteered to head up the "grass roots" in Indianapolis. And they honestly believe that this is all grass roots. And they are working very hard and I'll never take that from them. They are giving 150%.

A few weeks ago, I gave over the keys to the IndianaTeaParty.com site to the Behney's when the national tea party web got hacked. I also published their email and directed a few thousand people their way. (This blog got more than 400 unique readers today alone.) I wanted to help. I don't think it is a bad thing that so many people are getting together to demand freedom.

I also believe that there are good well-meaning people that are waking up to what is happening in America and are finally ready to learn and do something. I also know most will go back to American Idol next week, and rely on their emails (harvested from this activism) to tell them how to vote so they don't have to do the hard work of watching over government for themselves. And you can bet the people at the top of this movement are counting on that.

If we are to lead our government to a better place, we need to be staunch practitioners of the very principles we espouse ourselves. And that starts with protecting our 1st Amendment freedom to free speech and free press.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"CRIME PAYS": Book signing with author (and event speaker) attorney Mark Small

Mark Small, one of the attorney's who spoke at the state house revolt, is having a book signing on Thursday evening. He wanted me to extend an invitation to everyone who reads our blog.

"Crime Pays" is a satirical piece of fiction loosely based on the lives of the Cook brothers from 1960's era Indiana who bilked Kokomo residents out of some $28 million over the years they ran their scam.

The event is at the Front Page Tavern which for years is where newspaper men from the Indianapolis Star gather to drink. A small part of the book is set inside the Front Page Tavern.

Here's a short review I wrote :
"Ponzi schemes set in pre-depression 1920's and the 1960's, quickly pulls the reader into the moral void of the Thompson brothers who scam a Midwest town into investing millions in their trusts. Both sociopaths, one brother claws his way to the top of the hick town country club set, while the quiet one indulges an obsession for breeding rats to eat, fight, and kill inside an elaborate Chicago sewer replica he secretly installs in his master bedroom. The reader is given moral reprieve in the wise and loving Mama Jackson and the prostitute Sylvia who wield a class and compassion that far surpasses the self-absorbed bankers, lawyers, and judges who frequent their all night establishment. It all unwinds when the rats are fully unleashed on society and the brothers' schemes fall apart. It's anybody's guess who will ultimately pay for the Thompson brothers' crimes in the riveting 'Crime Pays'."

What: Crime Pays Book Signing with author Mark Small
When: Thursday, April 2nd 5pm to 8pm
Where: Front Page Tavern, 310 Massachusetts Avenue
Phone: 317-631-6682

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Patriot Paul writes to WFYI regarding Jim Shella & Indiana Week in Review

Copy your letters to Jim Shella and/or WFYI and we'll publish them if you like.
mail to: statehouserevolt@gmail.com

Yellow Journalism from the Shella Show

Much as been blogged in the aftermath of the Indianapolis 'Revolt at theStatehouse' Rally held on March 25th. As several heads of Taxpayerdelegations from various portions of Indiana gave their troubledexperiences with their local government that doesn't seem to beresponsive to them, Jim Shella, political reporter for channel Wish-TV arrived with microphone for interviews.

The channel 8 film clip interview that played Wednesday evening followed by Friday's airing'Indiana Week in Review' with the same clip and remarks by Shella weresome of the worst yellow broadcast journalism I can remember.

Billed as a politically non partisan speaker event, there werenevertheless tables of information by various groups and politicalparties intent on proselytizing converts to their respective parties, including the Republican Libertarian Caucus, Libertarian Party, and the Campaign for Liberty group. Mr. Shella seized upon this floor area for quick interviews, later edited and aired to show those unflatteringtable representatives' halted and impromptu comments as the meat of his broadcast, rather than the subject matter of multiple speakers who each spoke of grievances with their government. Missing the over arching theme of accountability and transparency in government well documented in advance, Mr. Shella violated fundamental values of objective reporting through focus of what can be only described as majoring in the minor, tantamount to criticizing tribes of Indians while ignoring news of a Boston Tea Party in progress.

Admittedly, there is bias in all of us. We all see through colored glasses. But this exceeded elementary reporting 101 with commentary that demeaned citizens who spoke and who attended.

The basics of who,what, when, where, and why were trashed in favor of discrediting those on the floor who had other agendas. With a broad brush, he and most ofhis panelists piled on and treated the story as a rally that went bad.

Further, the Friday program was saturated in an elite smugness that was suffocating. I'll not watch this tabloid again. WISH-TV and IndianaWeek in Review's backers should be ashamed of being represented this way.

Paul Wheeler
Marion County

Open letter to WFYI regarding Jim Shella and Indiana Week in Review

I attended the Revolt At The State House that Jim Shella discussed on Indiana Week in Review. His comments did not reflect the reality of the event. Shella colored it as a failure to the other pundits on the panel. It was sickening to watch the other pundits, who did not attend the event, to agree with him as if his decree is the reality of what happened. The reality is that Shella spends a lot of time with legislators and lobbyists who color HIS opinion.

We were there to talk about the myriad of ways that legislators and lobbyists work against the common person. And I always thought I could count on Channel 20 to be there as a voice of the common person.

Shella said the taxpayers were unfocused, yet a college newspaper reporter (who took the time to read the media release and interviewed speakers and organizers) was able to understand the event's focus.

See Purdue Calument newspaper: http://www.pucchronicle.com/home/

Unlike the college newpaper journalist, Shella neglected to interview a single speaker or event organizer. I know because I was one of the organizers. Yes, the event covered a lot of topics but that is because there are many taxpayer groups around the state that are being walked over by their local representatives on different issues. The point of the event was to pull all the voices in one room wrapped around the common theme of lack of transparency in government.

Shella was overheard by numerous people calling the taxpayers names such as "nutcase" and "whackjob". This is hardly appropriate behavior for a news professional.

I watch public television often. I like the programming. I was planning to will my Meridian Kessler home to public television upon my death because I don't have children and I want to make sure something good is done with my estate.

As long as Jim Shella is on Channel 20, I refuse to ever give a penny to public television.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Jim Shella continues his taxpayer bullying on Indiana Week in Review

As if Shella's Wednesday night media assault did not satiate his taste for malice directed at taxpayers, tonight he foolishly brought it up again on Indiana Week in Review, a political round up aired on both WISH-TV 8 and public television WFYI in Indianapolis.

Attorney, former lobbyist, and expert on public funding, Gary Welsh wrote an excellent analysis of Indiana Week in Review which aired tonight. The program airs again on Sunday.

Advance Indiana writes:
Later, host Jim Shella continued his tirade against a Revolt At The Statehouse rally organized by private citizens petitioning their government about a number of grievances, including the continued public subsidies for the billionaire sports team owners and the CIB bailout. "Can a rally fail?" Jim Shella asked. Schwantes, who wasn't even present for the rally because he lives and works in Columbus, Ohio, concluded it lacked focus. He did not hear a single speech, but could repeat what others told him about it. Ketzenberger attacked it for lack of a theme. "It was a nice crowd but not large enough," he added. He was not present for the rally. "A group of thespians looking for an outlet," political hack lobbyist Mike O'Connor said. "It missed the mark." This is the same guy who worked as Chief of Staff to Mayor Bart Peterson, whose administration helped create the whole CIB financial mess. McDaniel observed it had a "common theme." There were people there who favor less government and don't want to pay higher taxes he commented. McDaniel watched the rally from the floor above."
We recommend that in addition to continuing to voice your concerns to WISH-TV that you also write letters to WFYI about the programming. Public television is supposed to be for the people's concerns, not a place to promote corporate welfare for billionaires...or is it?

Before you write your letter to WISH TV and WFYI, read the entire analysis by Advance Indiana. It is obvious that Shella is complicit with lawmakers' scheme to steal your wealth, via taxation, for the further enrichment billionaires and that they will stop at nothing to get into the pockets of every person in the state. Afterall, look how easy it was to get Marion and the donut counties to cough it up.

Please snail mail or fax your letters and feel free to post them here too if you like.

1950 N. Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202.
Fax: 317-704-8748

WFYI - Public Television
1630 N. Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317- 614-0476
Fax: 317- 633-7418

Don't forget that public television holds frequent telethons to ask for public donations. Be sure to let WFYI know very clearly, that you will never donate unless they air broadcasts that educate the public on the problems with corporate welfare and the CIB bailout.

And to think, because I have no children, I was going to bequeath the proceeds from the sale of my house to WFYI in my will. This changed my mind.

REVOLT NEWS COVERAGE: Compare "hit piece" done by WISH-TV Channel 8's Jim Shella to unbiased coverage around the state


CHANNEL 8's COVERAGE by political reporter Jim Shella
http://www.wishtv.com/dpp/news/politics/Group_host_Revolt_at_the_Statehouse_20090325 .
The original Channel 8 report which aired at noon was scrubbed from the internet by 6pm on Wednesday, March 25th. Notice how there are two date stamps on the Channel 8 coverage? He came back from the event after laughing at us, calling us "whack jobs" all day and headed straight to the editing room to put together that "hit piece" against taxpayers.

Now, compare Shella's report to other unbiased coverage around Indiana:




COURIER PRESS (Evansville)


Yesterday, an email list we saw suggested a boycott of WISH-TV advertisers like statewide grocer to the masses, Marsh Supermarkets who is also a big sponsor of the Indianapolis Pacers. You will recall from listening to several of the rally speakers, that taxpayers have a big problem brewing with a push to make taxpayers bailout the billionaire team owners of the Colts and Pacers.

Shella's television coverage gave no mention of the sports bailout.

WISH TV Jim Shella of Channel 8 News laughs at taxpayers

WISH-TV hit Job: Bankrupt Country, Losing Your Property and Corporate Welfare Are Funny to Jim Shella?

Click to read the link above to see another explanation about what Jim Shella of WISH-TV Channel 8 news did to the taxpayers at Wednesday's rally.

HFFT covers what is happening behind the scenes with Channel since the hit piece against taxpayers aired on Wednesday 6 o'clock news.