Friday, March 20, 2009

THE PROGRAM: Speakers & Topics

We promised that Revolt At State House would shock you with our experts' knowledge of corporate welfare, greed, cronyism, and lack of transparency within Indiana government. The immorality of our state and local governments will be called out in public by local experts in the very house where The People's business is done. Here is the program for March 25th. We will save some seats in front for the politicians. Please circulate this program everywhere you can on the internet!



Sean Shepard
publisher and Shepard on Politics & Policy
"Increasing Debt: Mortgaging our Children’s Future"
Lisa Kelly
former Libertarian candidate for Lt. Governor
"The Colts, Pacers and the Capital Improvement Board"
Gary Welsh, Attorney at Law
Publisher of Advance Indiana
“Government Grants & Public Corruption”
Rev. Solomon
local political activist
"Run Over By the Speedway Redevelopment Commission"
"Pay to Play Politics" (humorous interlude)
"Transparency and Accountability in Government"
Diana Vice
Lafayette-area housewife & publisher of Welcome to My Tea Party
"Lobbying and Ethics Reform"
Julia Vaughn
Common Cause
Topic TBA
"Fun and Games in Evansville"
Frankie Neidhammer
President Vanderburgh County Taxpayers
"Conflicts of Interest in Government"
"How to Get Involved & Make a Difference"
Melyssa Donaghy
publisher of Hoosiers for Fair Taxation
"A Call to Action"
Paul Ogden, Attorney at Law,
publisher of Ogden on Politics

Thank you to Attorney Activist Paul Ogden
for his service to The People in coordinating this program.
It is most excellent!


  1. How many do you expect to show up?


    My concern is that, if less that 1,000 show up, the event will have the reverse effect of its intent. It will appear to government that they have nothing to worry about.

    There doesn't seem to be the hot button issue that existed 2 years ago over property tax increases; people just aren't angry enough to take a stand.

    And, if it storms on the 25th, the crowd may be even smaller.

    You people do wonderful things and I admire your courage and willingness to take a stand.

    Just a few thoughts.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I can assure you that even if 300 people attended, the event will be a great success for what is provided will set the foundation for even bigger events. I personally spent my day and talked to about 100 people about this event who in turn are going to talk to their friends. I believe this is enough anger and people behind this movement to lead us to the next stage. I am very excited about the 25th!!!

  3. And I have been asking my friends of all faiths to pray for "a loaves and fishes" miracle.

  4. "... to lead us to the next stage."


    But what is the next stage?

    Got plans to back up the prayers?

  5. Also...

    "asking my friends of all faiths to pray for "a loaves and fishes" miracle."

    Makes me wonder: Why isn't Eric Miller on the agenda? Seems his organization has played a significant role in the effort to reduce state government; property taxes in particular.

    Was he invited? Did he refuse? Are Ogden and Welsh not on the same page as Miller? Are his conservative social views not welcomed?

  6. I have been involved in activism for quite some time and I have often seen Eric Miller at his own events, but I have personally never witnessed him attend an event organized by community volunteers.

    I truly want whats best for all people.
    The path of prosperous future is built upon peaceful relationships and without liberty, we are all put in an adversarial relationship and the damage caused is beyond comprehension.

  7. Eric Miller seems to mainly do things that give Eric Miller an opportunity to solicit funds for his own organization.

  8. There seems to be a divide between the religious-right types -- Constitution Party, Advance America, Indiana Family Institute, etc -- and other conservatives/libertarians.

    That's not to suggest the religious conservatives are being snubbed, but that's the APPEARANCE.

    If this were a social issues event, I could understand the absence of the religious conservatives.

    My suggestion is that you get someone who represents one of the above mentioned organizations to participate on a highly visible level.

    Maybe you could invite a religious righter to briefly address the luncheon? Sen. Walker? Sen. Waltz?

    (Just trying to help.)

  9. I'm one of the main organizers. My name is Melyssa. We went to people with whom we've worked well with before. The pastor offering our invocation is one of the best I've met while working as an activist.
    While I started the activism against property tax in 2007 and organized several Indiana Tea Party events throughout Indiana that same year, I was snubbed by the religious right types because I once worked as a dominatrix.
    I wanted HOOSIERS FOR FAIR TAXATION to join the property tax repeal alliance. I was denied in spite of my accomplishments.
    In the meantime many Christians reached out to me, learned who I am, understood my motivation is sincere, and pitched in side by side with me to work.
    While Ogden is in charge of the program, I directed people to him that I felt most needed to be heard. Quite frankly, we've heard from some of the others a lot already. We need to give platform to fresh voices from all walks of life.

  10. Obama has shocked some of the religious righters into understanding the need to "hang together."

    I suppose some are motivated by self interest and will never participate beyond their own group.

    Sounds like your on the right track.

    What happens after this event?

  11. Well, right after the event is a luncheon where a whole big room of activists will lay more plans.

    I will say now that everyone should expect tremendous growth of Indiana's grass roots activism.