Friday, February 27, 2009

10,000 Post card flyers are now ready for distribution!

The printer we use is fabulous. Turnaround time was just 5 days from time of order to delivery. And it's the best price anywhere.

Of the 10,000 we received in this order, about 7,000 will be shipped directly to our volunteers this weekend for state wide distribution.

Email if you would like to help distribute flyers where you live. We will ship them to you.

We hope to order another 10,000 flyers next week.


  1. This is AWESOME!!!

  2. I'd hand bunches out/leave them lying around at the gun show the weekend before that. You'll get a lot of hits.

  3. Mike...We don't have time resources available to be at the gun show. Can you pick some up and help us? They are located in Indianapolis, near Broad Ripple.