Saturday, February 21, 2009


As you talk about REVOLT AT THE STATEHOUSE to your friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers, all you need to stress is the singular theme of our uprising. And that theme is one word, "Transparency".

We shall show this state that we do not depend on mainstream media to spread one word, one demand, one date, one location.

There are just 550 reserved seats, yet given the mood these days in America, coupled with our statewide network, we suspect the event may draw thousands.

Each VIP publicist volunteer will earn two reserved seats in the front of the assembly. Blogger publicists can reserve four seats.

We ask that our VIP publicists commit to spread the message about the REVOLT like wildfire throughout the internet and to distribute a minimum of 500 flyers in your community with your local contact information stamped on the back of each flyer. Self inking stamps can be bought cheaply and quickly at any office supply box store in person or here on line.

To volunteer, please email

31 days until Revolt.

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