Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Indiana on government transparency - one of nation's worst states

Attorney Paul Ogden (Revolt co-organizer) wrote a column that every Hoosier should read and understand before the Revolt. The column details the fact that Indiana ranks next to last in terms of making government information accessible on line and explains that only backward Mississippi is ranked lower.

One of the reasons Paul Ogden spear-headed this project was due to the difficulty he has in getting information from Indiana government officials from the public access counselor's office.

The theme of the Revolt is "TRANSPARENCY".

Please take time to jump over to his blog Ogden on Politics and read today's column:

Transparency in State and Local Government: Time for Indiana to Enter the 21st Century

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  1. thanks for link on "notable indiana blogs" I may be able to be there, working on schedule for next week (it's our spring break up here in NW Indiana) should have nailed down later today.