Friday, March 27, 2009

REVOLT NEWS COVERAGE: Compare "hit piece" done by WISH-TV Channel 8's Jim Shella to unbiased coverage around the state


CHANNEL 8's COVERAGE by political reporter Jim Shella .
The original Channel 8 report which aired at noon was scrubbed from the internet by 6pm on Wednesday, March 25th. Notice how there are two date stamps on the Channel 8 coverage? He came back from the event after laughing at us, calling us "whack jobs" all day and headed straight to the editing room to put together that "hit piece" against taxpayers.

Now, compare Shella's report to other unbiased coverage around Indiana:

CHICAGO TRIBUNE,0,3795629.story



COURIER PRESS (Evansville)

GARY POST TRIBUNE,ga-rally.article

Yesterday, an email list we saw suggested a boycott of WISH-TV advertisers like statewide grocer to the masses, Marsh Supermarkets who is also a big sponsor of the Indianapolis Pacers. You will recall from listening to several of the rally speakers, that taxpayers have a big problem brewing with a push to make taxpayers bailout the billionaire team owners of the Colts and Pacers.

Shella's television coverage gave no mention of the sports bailout.


  1. Shella must want us all to stay apathetic towards politics. After all what do we know? We as citizens and tax payers should simply submit to our servants wishes. No room for activists.

  2. Good work patriots!

    I have my own support project for the CFL and I think that we could accomplish a lot together.

    Check out, and drop me a line so that I can build some pages for your local organizations.

  3. Understand quite clearly... our founding fathers were viewed with the same distain by the hard core Monarchists in the Colonies. What sane individuals would ever want to withdraw from the "protection" of King George II??? Never mind the colonists were reduced to slaves with no say in their fate in trade for that "protection". Jim Shella is an example of the far left efforts to take over by making citizens expressing their voice sound like loonies. I not only think boycotts are in order, but if you put a paypal link on this site to pay for some full page ads, I will gladly contribute plus "blog it up". It is very important that we stage more tea parties and pick locations carefully. We also need to increase our numbers actively.

    Don't forget... Tea Mail to the White House by April 1... and note... due to the percieved threat, the string and tab from the tea bags is all that should be mailed, else the White House will not recieve it. Details, including an address can be found on my blog.