Tuesday, March 17, 2009

REVOLT UPDATE: 8 Days to the Indiana Revolt!

Website hits on the REVOLT AT THE STATE HOUSE site quadrupled overnight.

We track parties from state government hitting the REVOLT website daily and reading every link even though they have known we are coming since we made the reservation with the state house events staff back in February.

What worries these conniving politicians is that REVOLT attendees will hear an earful so ugly and yet so true that they will likely leave far angier than when they arrived.

We have at least 20 times the numbers of volunteers I saw when I coordinated the 2007 protests. No longer are The People clueless about the fraud being perpetuated on us. Everybody gets it now and they are fully up to speed.

There is an army of patriots putting posters in public areas all over central Indiana now. Before the army is finished, thousands of pitchforks will be plastered all over the city.

We are NOT the terrorists! We are not the ones that should be watched! We are on the side of of country's Constitution and we are going to see that America prevails against these enemies that would corrupt our blessed country!

We are priming you for multiple revolts over a long period of time until THE PEOPLE PREVAIL.
We know that this country's fire has ignited and that the People will not stop until we declare victory!

The days of "rallies" were so 2007. Revolt is the theme for 2009.

Be quite sure that God, the power who gave us our rights, is squarely on the side of The People.


  1. I agree with you. I created a blog and link back to not only the youtube video, but your site for the Revolt at the State House.

    Check it out at www.taylorbrownrealestatetalks.com

  2. Is this protest going to inside the capitol or outside? There's some question about that on a firearms forum. Members are coming, but some of them carry all the time, and were worried about it.


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  4. THANKS TAYLOR-BROWN Real Estate. We checked and you drove some hits to us! We really appreciate it!

  5. The event is in the north atrium, 1st floor, of the State House. It is inside. There is very friendly security there. They do have metal detectors. I hope that helps.