Friday, March 27, 2009

Jim Shella continues his taxpayer bullying on Indiana Week in Review

As if Shella's Wednesday night media assault did not satiate his taste for malice directed at taxpayers, tonight he foolishly brought it up again on Indiana Week in Review, a political round up aired on both WISH-TV 8 and public television WFYI in Indianapolis.

Attorney, former lobbyist, and expert on public funding, Gary Welsh wrote an excellent analysis of Indiana Week in Review which aired tonight. The program airs again on Sunday.

Advance Indiana writes:
Later, host Jim Shella continued his tirade against a Revolt At The Statehouse rally organized by private citizens petitioning their government about a number of grievances, including the continued public subsidies for the billionaire sports team owners and the CIB bailout. "Can a rally fail?" Jim Shella asked. Schwantes, who wasn't even present for the rally because he lives and works in Columbus, Ohio, concluded it lacked focus. He did not hear a single speech, but could repeat what others told him about it. Ketzenberger attacked it for lack of a theme. "It was a nice crowd but not large enough," he added. He was not present for the rally. "A group of thespians looking for an outlet," political hack lobbyist Mike O'Connor said. "It missed the mark." This is the same guy who worked as Chief of Staff to Mayor Bart Peterson, whose administration helped create the whole CIB financial mess. McDaniel observed it had a "common theme." There were people there who favor less government and don't want to pay higher taxes he commented. McDaniel watched the rally from the floor above."
We recommend that in addition to continuing to voice your concerns to WISH-TV that you also write letters to WFYI about the programming. Public television is supposed to be for the people's concerns, not a place to promote corporate welfare for billionaires...or is it?

Before you write your letter to WISH TV and WFYI, read the entire analysis by Advance Indiana. It is obvious that Shella is complicit with lawmakers' scheme to steal your wealth, via taxation, for the further enrichment billionaires and that they will stop at nothing to get into the pockets of every person in the state. Afterall, look how easy it was to get Marion and the donut counties to cough it up.

Please snail mail or fax your letters and feel free to post them here too if you like.

1950 N. Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202.
Fax: 317-704-8748

WFYI - Public Television
1630 N. Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317- 614-0476
Fax: 317- 633-7418

Don't forget that public television holds frequent telethons to ask for public donations. Be sure to let WFYI know very clearly, that you will never donate unless they air broadcasts that educate the public on the problems with corporate welfare and the CIB bailout.

And to think, because I have no children, I was going to bequeath the proceeds from the sale of my house to WFYI in my will. This changed my mind.


  1. I did one better! I mailed this letter today and copied Channel 8's general manager, news director, and advertising director.

    March 28, 2009

    Marsh Supermarket
    333 South Franklin Road
    Indianapolis, IN 46219

    I am returning my Marsh loyalty card.

    I am participating in a taxpayer led boycott of Marsh Supermarkets because your corporation is an advertiser on WISH TV Channel 8.

    Last Wednesday 300 taxpayers missed work to gather at the state house to lawfully air their grievances to their state government. Channel 8 reporter Jim Shella covered the event. His coverage was completely biased and the station's website comment section supports this assertion.


    Channel 8 maliciously failed to mention the reasons that the taxpayers were there, refused to interview the event speakers or organizers, and instead picked on a nervous volunteer who staffed a table to hand out literature.

    Shella edited the coverage to quote an attorney who spoke at the event out of context and thus distorted the event as a failure, while carefully concealing the reasons the taxpayers from around the state assembled.

    He continued his distortion over the weekend on Indiana Week in Review with political pundits not in attendance at the event, goading them to go along with his version of events.

    I attended the event and overheard this hack (Jim Shella) ridicule and name call the taxpayers while speaking to another media personality.

    A speaker, who used to be a lobbyist and is a local attorney, addressed a serious concern that the Indiana legislature is moving to force Indiana taxpayers to bailout professional sports stadiums without an audit of the team owners’ finances.

    Prior to the event we learned that Pacers owner, Herb Simon, recently provided some WISH TV employees with an all expense paid trip to Cancun and showered them with jewelry and gifts.

    As long as Marsh Supermarkets advertises on Channel 8, I shall drive further to shop elsewhere.

    A fed up taxpayer, now loyal to Kroger

    Kevin Finch, Channel 8 news director
    Marc Elliott, Channel 8 general manager
    Greg, Kiley, Channel 8 sales director

    Cut up loyalty card

  2. Jim Shella appears to be a big jerk. I am impressed that you all have rallied around each other and are standing up to him. I have a present for all of you to watch. It's about a hour long. Enjoy!

    Know Your Rights, Use Your Power

  3. Oh my goodness!
    I did not realize that wish-tv can be so cruel. I will also be sending in my Marsh card and I will never watch them again. You should demand that they apologize to all of those who attended your rally for they have offended me.

  4. I just e-mailed the following to WFYI. I encourage everyone to do something similar:

    I am contacting you today about Jim Shella, your host of Indiana Week in Review.
    WFYI specifically, and Public Television/Radio in general, has always consistently covered the concerns of our Nation, accurately, and without bias. Public Broadcasting has enjoyed a sterling reputation for integrity, bypassing the average, major network "ratings-whore" style exposes, and EDUCATING the public on the real American experience. Having Mr. Stella on staff, in any capacity, tarnishes that reputation for WFYI
    On March 25th 2009, Mr. Shella, in the guise of a reporter for Indianapolis Television station WISH 8, "covered" a non-partisan gathering of exasperated citizens, at the Statehouse, termed by it's organizers as "The Revolt at the Statehouse." These common folks, were exercising that most basic of Natural Rights that gave us such documents as the Magna Carta, and the Declaration of Independence: the petition for redress of grievances. "Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of...or the right of the petition the government for a redress of grievances." A "cub" reporter on staff of a middle school newspaper, would have sniffed out a story here. Instead of demonstrating any basic knowledge of journalistic integrity, Jim Shella chose to take the "low road" and make a mockery of the event, and the very people he purports to serve as a member of the Fourth Estate.
    Throughout history, ignoring the angry peasants has never been very healthy for the ruling class, nor their media apologists. King John knew this, Kings Louis XVI and George III, didn't. I have a long history of financially supporting Public broadcasting to the extent of my ability, and this will continue, but as long as Mr. Shella is associated with your organization, WFYI will not see a penny of my money. Watch this video and judge for yourself if his performance was something your organization would be proud of: