Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Open letter to WFYI regarding Jim Shella and Indiana Week in Review

I attended the Revolt At The State House that Jim Shella discussed on Indiana Week in Review. His comments did not reflect the reality of the event. Shella colored it as a failure to the other pundits on the panel. It was sickening to watch the other pundits, who did not attend the event, to agree with him as if his decree is the reality of what happened. The reality is that Shella spends a lot of time with legislators and lobbyists who color HIS opinion.

We were there to talk about the myriad of ways that legislators and lobbyists work against the common person. And I always thought I could count on Channel 20 to be there as a voice of the common person.

Shella said the taxpayers were unfocused, yet a college newspaper reporter (who took the time to read the media release and interviewed speakers and organizers) was able to understand the event's focus.

See Purdue Calument newspaper: http://www.pucchronicle.com/home/

Unlike the college newpaper journalist, Shella neglected to interview a single speaker or event organizer. I know because I was one of the organizers. Yes, the event covered a lot of topics but that is because there are many taxpayer groups around the state that are being walked over by their local representatives on different issues. The point of the event was to pull all the voices in one room wrapped around the common theme of lack of transparency in government.

Shella was overheard by numerous people calling the taxpayers names such as "nutcase" and "whackjob". This is hardly appropriate behavior for a news professional.

I watch public television often. I like the programming. I was planning to will my Meridian Kessler home to public television upon my death because I don't have children and I want to make sure something good is done with my estate.

As long as Jim Shella is on Channel 20, I refuse to ever give a penny to public television.

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