Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Melyssa on Revolt


  1. "Instead, like a school yard bully, he relentlessly picked on a woman who took a day away from her family and newborn infant to volunteer to staff a table"

    I realize I'm marking myself for a spot next to Lucca Brazzi, (courtesy of Melissa's Mafia) for daring to criticize the Godmother (Omertà) I can almost smell the odor of the newsprint wrapped, dead fish, delivered by her Torpedoes, to my wife tomorrow morning. But here goes..............individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a noninterventionist foreign policy Given that the reporter is a scumbag with an agenda, looking for a buffoon, but what member of the Campaign for Liberty doesn't know these FIVE principles by heart? Melissa is the (appointed/anointed) “Interim” State Coordinator of the C4L Indiana, which most definitely is a political position. Politics are dirty, and one must always be on guard, prepared to give an answer, have the political savvy to recognize a “set-up”, and the tough skin to fend off the barbs of partisan assassins. God bless her for all she does, but I don't think she is strictly a volunteer. I do believe she receives (in her position) some compensation/reimbursement, does she not? Okay Charlie, make it quick. Two quick ones behind the ear............just for “old time sake”.

  2. Tim, I'm not sure if she is paid or not. I do think she probably learned a tough lesson. However, even with what I went through with the media in my former career, it was not like what they did to her.

  3. I wasn't sure. No matter, She was there, doing her part. My point is that as the saying goes: "Reporters don't any have friends, only sources". Didn't we learn anything from the National election? We will get no fair shake from the media. Thanks for all of your hard work on the event.